1) Who shouldn’t drink them?

Anyone not interested in taking care of themselves and those who think their health is secondary. Pregnant or breastfeeding women only need to take into account that they shouldn’t follow a detox plan consisting only of raw fruit and vegetable juices, as the accumulated toxins released from their bodies through the detox process may be passed on to the baby through their breast milk.

2) Are BFRESC juices a substitute for fruit and vegetables?

Well, very few people eat the recommended 5 pieces a day. Our juices will definitely help you get what your body needs. However, we recommend you continue to eat a balanced, varied diet. Our juice is a highly reliable ally in weight-loss diets without the nonsense that can damage our health.

Another important fact: by drinking these juices, you’ll get what you need naturally, making it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle.

3) When is it best to drink BFRESC juices?

The best thing is to drink one when you get up every morning, before breakfast, as the body absorbs nutrients much better at this time. Later on you can use them in place of a meal.

If you are looking for a plan for fasting, detoxing or extreme weight-loss without affecting your body while still getting all the necessary nutrients so you don’t mess with your health, it’s best to drink between 4 and 5 litres of a variety of smoothies throughout the day.

If you are an athlete, you’ll feel more hydrated and revitalised by drinking one before and one after training.

4) Do they help regulate intestinal transit?


5) Don’t they have too much sugar?

It’s very important to distinguish between artificially added sugars and those naturally present in fruit and vegetables, which have a positive effect on your body. BFRESC never adds sugar to any of its juices.

6) Do natural green juices slow ageing?

Green juices are a great source of antioxidants. One of the proven effects of antioxidants is to eliminate free radicals, the molecules that damage the cells in the body and speed up the ageing process.

7) Why does it take a few days for an order to ship?

Easy, because we make it especially for you. We don’t have any juice in stock. This way, you’ll get BFRESC juice with all the properties we want for you.

8) Can I find these juices in the supermarket?

Heated juices from concentrate with added sugar? That’s what you’ll find in the supermarket.
BFRESC juices are made with the cold-press system, which locks in all the natural properties and vitamins. We only put what the fruit and vegetables give us, nothing added.

9) How many BFRESC can you drink per day?

If you’ve just started to include them in your life, start your breakfast with a great BFRESC. A few days later, increase your intake and add one mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon. Later you can use one to substitute a meal.

10) How long does the product last?

The product is good for 21 days, always in the fridge. Once open, it must be drunk very quickly.

11) Why are they so expensive?

We believe health is priceless. They’re expensive because each 210-ml bottle has, on average, half a kilo of fresh organic fruit and vegetables of the highest quality available on the market, and that isn't cheap. The cold-press process is also quite expensive, as nothing is added to the juice.

 12 ) Why do we use glass bottles?

Because they are more eco-friendly. 100% of glass is recycled. For plastic, it’s barely 50%. Plus, glass is the best pairing for our juices as it is 100% safe and leaves no residue.

13) Are they refrigerated throughout delivery to my home or workplace?

Yes, they come in packaging designed to keep the juice at the right temperature throughout the transport process.