Fresh, 100% natural juice is the best way to get the benefit of large quantities of fruit and vegetables that are often impossible to eat otherwise. There are two types of machines to make this type of juice: the typical juicers, which we all know, and the new cold-press technology.


This is the most well-known and widely used technology on the market. However the way these machines work affects the quality of juice they produce. These devices extract juice using a blade that spins very quickly and produces a certain amount of heat. This heat destroys the natural enzymes in the fruit and vegetables, oxidising the nutrients and vitamins in the juice. This results in a drink with a much lower nutritional value that we would imagine.


Cold-press technology is the only technique that locks in the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients of the produce during the juicing process. It is a more artisanal process with two steps: first, the fruit and vegetables are ground to a pulp without producing any heat or oxidation; then, the pulp is put through a hydraulic press that applies tonnes of force to extract every last drop. The process doesn’t maintain 100% of the pulp and fibre, as these can oxidise and decrease the shelf life of a juice.

1 - We pick local fruit and vegetables that are in season and grown organically
Fruit and veg
2 - We transport them to our warehouse to make the juice
3 - We process the fruit and vegetables using the cold-press method to get the best juice
Cold press
4 - We package the juice in 100% recyclable glass containers